Man goes to epic lengths to stop a car from blocking his private parking space

Greg Evans
Saturday 08 December 2018 08:45
Picture:(Getty Images/iStockphoto/Reddit)

Parking spaces are so sought after that they can be the bane of people's lives.

Whenever you've found your perfect spot, the mere sight of someone potentially impeding on that area is a big problem that must be solved at whatever cost.

Take for instance this story that was recently shared on Reddit.

The individual who goes by the name of 'AngryAussieGam3r' described a conflict with a mysterious car that had begun to appear in the parking lot of the building where he lived and blocking their car.

Despite his attempts to stop the car from becoming an obstruction, the Redditor had to resort to drastic measures and deployed his mechanic skills to solve the problem.

It involved a dramatic and elaborate scheme to get one over on the careless car owner and it's quite an epic tale, to say the least.

Give it a read in the post below.

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