Man accidentally kidnaps neighbours cat for five days

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 14 October 2017 14:45
Picture:(Unsplash )

We’ve all got a friend with a good story, but none of us have got a friend with as good a story as Clarke Gayford from New Zealand.

His friend took his black cat to the vet, spent $130 on vet fees, and then had to lock it in his room for five days to recover.

Then, his actual cat walked in.

He said his neighbour was looking for the cat and he responded:

And as details emerged, it turns out the vet was a bit off his game, too:

But that wasn't the worst of it:

And then the neighbour, who got their cat back, just thought the cat was really chilled out:

And it turns out Gayford's friend isn't alone:

Who knew there were so many catnappers out there?

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