Celebrity Mastermind: People are losing it over Amanda Henderson's BBC quiz performance

Stephanie Soh
Friday 03 January 2020 11:45

A Casualty actor has sent the Internet into hysterics with her completely left-field answer to a Celebrity Mastermind question.

In a clip from the quiz show that has been viewed 2.8m times, Amanda Henderson is asked by host John Humphries:

The 2019 book entitled No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?

To which she can be seen to look visibly confused, before shaking her head and replying:




Humphries then corrects her, with the answer: "Greta Thunberg".

The concept of an alternate universe where Greta Thunberg is called Sharon has clearly proved too much to handle for many people online.

While Henderson didn't manage to get her answer right, she has gifted us with a strong contender for what might be the funniest moment on TV this year. And we're only a few days into 2020.

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