A woman overheard a man saying he cheated and started a nationwide search

Mimi Launder
Monday 04 December 2017 12:45
Picture:(Twitter / @emilyshepss)

You might think you're safe chatting about your private life in public - but the people of Twitter are always watching you.

Thinking he was safe on the train with his just mates, a man we only know as 'Ben' probably thought he was in the clear to open up about his cheating ways.

But Emily Shepherd was sharing his carriage.

The 23-year-old overheard his conversation and shared it on Twitter in the hope word would reach his partner.

Picture: Twitter / @emilyshepss (Twitter / @emilyshepss)

Tens of thousands got involved in the hunt for 'cheating Ben' - including Deborah Meaden.

The Dragon's Den star was concerned for the non-cheating Bens travelling by train in the Bournemouth to Manchester direction that night.

Ben has not been found yet, at least publicly, but the search continues.

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