Parents march boy to police station after prank call, make him write wonderful apology

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 01 June 2015 17:50

Police officers in the US said they were "surprised and a little bit gratified" last week to receive an apology from a boy who had prank called them the night before.

The anonymous sixth-grader (10 to 11 years old) had been marched to the local station in Savannah, Georgia by his parents after they discovered he had called 911 and shouted "deez nuts" down the phone.

After being made to read out the letter to on-duty staff, the boy - whose parents have put him on "lockdown" - was given a tour of the facilities "to turn the trip into a positive experience".

Here's a transcript of his letter:

Dear emergency dispatcher,

I am writing a apology letter for what I did last night. Last night I called and said 'deez nuts'. I know this was stupid but I was not listening to myself but I knew it was wrong. Please forgive me for what I said. I know there will be consequences for my actions and I will not complain about them.

Again please if you can forgive me if you can. What happened was that me and my friends were talking and I got dared to call you. I would get nothing out of it and only get in trouble for it.

In the end I got in trouble for it and this is a letter for you. I am sorry for what I did and hope that you can forgive me.


After receiving the apology, Lt Jeff Olson called the boy's parents to thank them. "Things like this prove that we do make a difference, one person at a time," he said.

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