A Christian school censored an art textbook by drawing clothes on nude portraits

Louis Staples
Tuesday 30 April 2019 14:30
Image:(IMGUR / scopecreepstudio)

The past is often seen as a more conservative time.

This makes it even more out of character the art world has embraced nudity for thousands of years. From still life nudes to statues by Michelangelo, it’s never been seen as an issue.

Even the, err, slightly NSFW photography of Robert Mapplethorpe, for example, was considered art almost 50 years ago.

Though this doesn’t mean that everyone is on board with nudity in art.

Pensacola Christian College in Florida, which offers courses in the arts, clearly has an issue with it. Well, judging by this school art textbook anyway.

Imgur user scopecreepstudio shared some images of alterations that the college had made to bring artwork into line with its Christian teachings.

The photos are, quite simply, as hilarious as they are ridiculous.

Thank goodness for black permanent marker!

H/T: The Poke

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