The moment this very confused dad found a 'sex toy' in his daughter's room

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 29 November 2017 09:45
Picture:(Twitter / @_emmiilly)

If you're a parent and go rooting through your teen's room, you're bound to see something you shouldn't.

Or, if you're this dad, imagine something that isn't there at all.

This teenager shared texts from her furious father who was apparently convinced he had found a sex toy in her room.

Picture: Twitter / @_emmiilly(Twitter / @_emmiilly)

The father insists he is not naive; making it clear he knows exactly the cylindrical, pink thing he's found is one of "those disgusting toys that vibrate".

It turns out the only pleasure anyone can receive from the offending item is a fully-charged phone while on the move.

Picture: Twitter / @_emmiilly(Twitter / @_emmiilly)

Picture: Twitter / @_emmiilly(Twitter / @_emmiilly)

Emily reassured her followers that her dad's anger is actually concern for her 12-year-old sister, who she shares a room with, rather than any judgement.

Picture: Twitter / @_emmiilly(Twitter / @_emmiilly)

The poor man only went into her room to find a chap stick.

Emily told indy100 that while her 15 minutes of fame have been fun, she's happy for the viral tweet to pass into the history books. One or two negative remarks to the light-hearted story have spoilt the moment a little though.

Kind of annoying in a way with mean remarks. But I don’t let it get to me. I'm a bad bish still

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