Dad shares post about how proud he is of his homophobic 10-year-old daughter

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 09 November 2017 15:15
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This Dad's ridiculous 'proud of you' response to daughter's impression of gay people is being rinsed on Reddit.

Andi Mack is a TV show on the Disney Channel. In a second season storyline a 13-year-old male character named Cyrus develops a crush on another teenage boy, Jonah.

Moreover, a recent episode showed Cyrus coming out to his friends as gay, and them accepting him and his sexuality.

According to Pink News, the show was cancelled in Africa and the Middle East on Wednesday.

In related news, one father told an anecdote about his daughter's disapproval of the Andi Mack storyline.

This anonymous but 'proud' Dad was mocked on the 'That Happened' subreddit, for praising rather than educating his daughter.

Redditors piled in.

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