Admiring dads stacking Cheerios on their babies is the best way to celebrate Father's Day

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Saturday 18 June 2016 10:20
Life of Dad

We've heard that babies are big fans of milk. Cereal is milk's natural partner, and Cheerios are one of the tastiest options around.

Toothless, though, infants have a time to wait before they can dip their spoons into the world of crunchy hoops.

All that's left to do is delicately balance the Cheerios upon their sleeping faces - their nose, their forehead, why, anywhere possible.

A Facebook group called Life of Dad has been encouraging the world's fathers to take on the #CheerioChallenge. The record to date is 17 Cheerios high, which is an impressive feat. Often, the stacks take hours to achieve, and last only seconds.

The pastime has become a bit of a craze over the last 24 hours, so here are some of the best attempts at beautiful sugary towers.

What's lovely, is that the youngsters look so sweet and innocent.

They're utterly oblivious to the extreme banter that's happening all around them - and, indeed, on them.

Up until very recently, the record stack stood at 16-high. Impressive.

But anywhere works. There aren't boundaries here.

Not at all. Stuck for Cheerios? Try Lucky Charms. The dog looks peckish.

And so are we, now, after seeing these pancakes. Yes, dads have been experimenting with other foodstuffs.

And varying techniques.

But the #CheerioChallenge in its purest form remains the strongest proposition.

Here, the baby is surprisingly awake, allowing dad to partake, even admiring his skill. Great times. Happy times.

Such artistry.

Such majesty. Oh yes, here's the new record (at the time of writing) - 17 Cheerios!

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