David Cameron posed in front of a blank background and the Photoshops were too easy to resist

Conrad Duncan@theconradduncan
Friday 13 September 2019 09:00

If you’re taking a picture of an incredibly divisive political figure, it’s never smart to put them in front of a blank background.

That’s what David Cameron should have known when he posed for a promotional image in front of a blank grey screen this week.

The former prime minister is breaking his silence on Brexit and his time in office to promote his memoir, For the Record, which will be released this month.

And to announce an interview in The Times this weekend, he blessed us with an incredibly easy image to photoshop:

Cameron's anxious expression makes it look like even he knows what's going to happen next...

Some people gladly took up the photoshop challenge.

Of course, Cameron is no stranger to image editing himself.

Back in 2015, Downing Street infamously photoshopped a poppy onto the then-prime minister for a Remembrance Day photo.

When asked then about the image, a spokesperson for Downing Street admitted that the edit was real and said the overzealous photoshopping was “just an oversight”.

If you want to make your own Cameron photoshop image, you can use this helpful transparent template below:

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