The difference between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau in two pictures

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 26 April 2017 08:30
Picture:(Olivier Douliery-Pool / Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)

The most observant among us could probably spot a few differences between Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But after the two world leaders spoke on the phone about trade and and access to certain markets, the differences have become slightly more apparent.

It's not uncommon for administrations to release press releases detailing the high-power conversations that take place behind closed doors.

According to the Canadian government's release, Mr Trudeau said during the conversation:

The prime minister and the president reaffirmed the importance of the mutually beneficial Canada-US trade relationship.

They then reportedly went on to discuss the Canadian softwood lumber industry, and the importance of negotiating an agreement, and Canada-US dairy trade.

The prime minister reaffirmed that Canada upholds its international trade obligations, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, under which the US continues to have duty-free and quota-free access for milk protein substances, including diafiltered milk, and that Canada would continue to defend its interests.

While Trump's administration summary of the conversation was distilled down to:

The two leaders discussed the dairy trade in Wisconsin, New York State, and various other places. They also discussed lumber coming into the United States. It was a very amicable call.

The difference is rather obvious on paper:

While the White House put out:

The difference was spotted by NBC's Bradd Jaffy, who simply commented: "Um."

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