Doctors are sharing their most ridiculous patient stories and they're incredible

Mimi Launder
Saturday 11 November 2017 15:15
Picture:(iStock / monkeybusinessimages)

Medical professionals see life's first moments, its final breaths and everything in between.

Inevitably, some of those moments are really funny.

Here are a bunch of medical stories that are bound to make you chuckle.

Farts are funny apparently

Expect the unexpected.

Be prepared for the lengths some people will go to.

Unfounded accusations are common.

Sometimes playground humour is hard to resist.

There is a thin line between pleasure and pain.

Everything is funnier said with a cut-glass accent.

Be careful...

The tooth fairy is a childhood thing.

Anyone else experience weird daily stomach pain?

If you think you've been clear enough in your instructions, you probably haven't.

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