Don't call Ukip voters 'nerds': They don't like it, poll says

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 15 January 2015 12:10

In what is likely to be this month's most important political poll, YouGov asked voters their feelings about 'nerds' and 'lads'.

The polling company found that Ukip voters were the least likely to be happy with being branded a nerd (18 per cent) while they were also the least likely to admit to being a nerd themselves.

Ukip voters were also the most likely to say they would rather have a 'laddy' friend than a 'nerdy' one, although most were more likely to say they preferred 'nerdy' ones.

Supporters of Nigel Farage's party were also the most likely to distance themselves from self-labelling as a nerd - 68 per cent of Ukip voters said they were not a nerd - although they were also the most likely to reply with "don't know" (9 per cent).

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