The telling difference between Trump and Obama

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 26 December 2017 12:30
Picture:(Getty Images / Scott Olson; Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla)

Donald Trump’s previous tweets sometimes have a way of coming back and contradicting him, and his recent comment about saving ‘Merry Christmas’ is no different.

During Christmas, the US president said he was “proud to have led the charge against the assault” on the phrase “Merry Christmas”.

The US president often pledged to end the 'War on Christmas' during his presidential campaign as part of an effort to end what he thought was the over-secularisation of the holiday.

Here is the Christmas tweet, echoing that pledge:

Except, um, he didn’t 'lead the charge' as it were. Not even a little.

In fact, before Trump became the self-made Christmas soldier of new, he was actually very content saying ‘Happy Holidays’.

Back in 2010, when President Obama was in office, he opted for the generic Yuletide phrase he alleged was under attack.

Trump claimed people weren't using the term anymore because of "political correctness".

Except people are using it - like Barack Obama this year:

Here's Obama wishing people 'Merry Christmas'. Literally every year in office.

Someone rescind Trump's Twitter privileges. Please.

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