There's now a Donald Trump-themed restaurant in Iraqi Kurdistan

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 03 January 2017 10:45
(Picture: CNN/screengrab)

Donald Trump has been inspiring people in the Middle East to open themed restaurants.

One man from Iraqi Kurdistan decided to open a fish-themed restaurant in honour of the president-elect.

We're not making this up.

Presenting 'Trump Fish':

Picture: CNN/screengrab(Picture: CNN/screengrab)

The fish restaurant was opened by Nadyar Zawiti, because the President-elect’s strength of character spoke to the restaurateur:

He told CNN:

What I admire about Trump’s personality is that he’s decisive, he’s tough and hopefully with tht toughness he’ll finish Isis off.

Picture: CNN/screengrab/Nadyar Zawiti(Picture: CNN/screengrab)

Kurdish forces have been instrumental in pushing back Isis, and the People’s Defence Units (YPG), a Syrian Kurdish militia are not only backed by the US, but are considered their “most effective allies in the fight against Isis”.

The restaurant’s logo – which replaces Trump’s golden locks and eyebrows with what appear to be lightning bolts – is from an Uproxx story that put a Trump theme on every NFL logo.

Picture: CNN/screengrab(Picture: CNN/screengrab)

Zawiti hopes to one day open a similar restaurant, which sells carp cooked over an open fire, near the White House.

That might however, be a problem: the soon-to-be US president proposed on the campaign trail that he would stop immigration from “any nation that has been compromised by terrorism”.

Zawiti’s faith in Trump is unwavering, and he insists that much of Trump’s controversial statements – including a pledge to ban all Muslims from entering the US – is nothing more than campaign talk.

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