10 utterly bonkers Easter eggs that you can actually buy

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 09 April 2019 16:15
Picture:(Waitrose and choc on choc grab)

Easter is almost upon us.

During this time, there are copious amounts of yummy chocolate eggs given, received and consumed.

Rather than going with the conventional eggs, we’ve decided to list some of the wackiest chocolate creations out there.

Take a look:

1. Chocolatician's Benedict Cumberbatch Easter egg (OK, it's technically a rabbit) made of gold

Picture: Chocolatician 

2. Hotel Chocolat's weird Easter egg with floating head chocolates stuffed inside

Picture: Hotel Chocolat

3. Sainsbury's Easter egg made of actual cheese

Picture: Cheesalicious 

4. Aldi's Ruby Heist Easter Egg

There's even 24 truffles alongside the giant chocolate gem.

Picture: Aldi 

5. Hotel Chocolat's dozen quails eggs

Picture: Hotel Chocolat

6. Chococo's Unicorn Easter egg

Picture: Chococo 

7. Waitrose's Avocado chocolate Easter egg (hold the avocado)

"With its smooth Belgian chocolate shell, white chocolate ‘flesh’ (made green with natural colouring), and chunky cocoa-dusted chocolate ‘stone’, it’s easy to see why this fun, avocado-inspired Easter egg was a hit."

Picture: Waitrose

8. Deliveroo Game of Thrones dragon egg

Just in time for the new season.

Picture: Deliveroo(Deliveroo)

9. The Heston from Waitrose Scotch Easter egg

10. Choc on Choc's giant fried Easter egg


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