Eight modern adverts just as sexist as their vintage counterparts

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 24 December 2014 16:30

These are all from 2014. Really.


Now pulled, this advert featured an actress explaining how the tech giant's One Note product was "perfect for planning my wedding" and checking Pinterest. Because women don't use computers to do anything else.


This ad warned women not to "risk dudeness" by not removing their body hair.

Fairlife's 'Coke Milk' adverts

Because without pin-up girls being splashed with milk, no one would ever buy it.

Uber France

The promotion offered customers a 20-minute ride with an “incredibly hot chick” driving.


This was pulled almost immediately. It's pretty clear why.

Wicked Campervans

These slogans were actually used by an Australian company.

Pot Noodle

This World Cup advert featured a perverted beach towel.



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