Two photos that perfectly sum up the election night

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Friday 09 June 2017 03:15
Picture:(left: Alistair Grant/Associated Press, right: Frank Augstein/Associated Press)

Very few people, possibly not even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn himself, predicted photos like this would be taken on election night:

Picture:(Darren Staples/REUTERS)

Nor did Prime Minister Theresa May expect to be wearing this expression at her count in Maidenhead.

Picture:(Alistair Grant/AP Images)

Both were re-elected, but it is May who is the leader now with an uncertain future.

If the exit poll is correct Corbyn has upped the Labour Party's vote share and its size in the House of Commons.

That future will become clearer as the night's results continue to role in and the sun rises.


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