Well this is an entirely new way to handle rejection

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Thursday 02 April 2015 11:00

Part of being a teenager is learning how to handle failure - because in life it's something everyone has to get used to.

Siobhan Reece O'Dell, however, has a new and refreshing approach to rejection. After the American teen was turned down by Duke University, she wrote her own letter back, rejecting their rejection letter altogether.

The response went viral after O'Dell, 17, posted it on Tumblr and Twitter. Duke didn't see the funny side, with the teen also posting a response to her rejection apparently from the university on her Tumblr which read:

Duke University had no comment on the matter when approached by ABC News. i100.co.uk has also contacted them for comment to verify the letters were sent to them. H/T Huffington Post

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