This fitness brand had the perfect response to their plus-size model getting fat-shamed

Mimi Launder
Thursday 30 November 2017 17:15
Picture:(Instagram / glitterandlazers)

Plus-size model Anna O'Brien looks incredible in her fitness shoot for Academy Sport and Outdoors' new larger line of active wear.

It is a refreshing campaign - and one that O'Brien is a perfect model for, as she has, in the past, struggled to find fitness wear in her size.

Now, O'Brien is hoping help to conquer that particular barrier for many plus-sized women with the 'BCG' collection.

Most people were supportive and overjoyed. But then the trolls came out with depressing predictably.

One wrote: "People should be ashamed of being fat not proud".

But the fitness brand kept to their word about representing a range of body types and quickly shot back:

At Academy, we truly believe every woman should have the same opportunity to enjoy sports and the outdoors.

As a result, we will continue to represent a wide range of body types. We’re all different, but our access to an active lifestyle shouldn’t be.

Mic drop.

Anyway, enough of the trolls.

As one commenter wrote:

Some of these comments must be hard to read.

But those haters are few and far between AND are being obliterated with facts, support and LOVE.

On that note, here's more of the great work that O'Brien has been up to.

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