This calf looks exactly like KISS' Gene Simmons

Wednesday 02 August 2017 12:15
Picture:(Hill Country Visitor/Facebook/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS)

A Texas rancher has posted a photo of a newborn calf on Facebook that bears a striking resemblance to KISS frontman Gene Simmons. The internet agrees with him.

The post was sent to Hill Country Visitor, a tourism page for the Texas tourism board, and reads:

Gene Simmons, Where were you on our about November 25, 2016? 

This calf was born in Kerrville, Texas on the Ranch of a Heather Leonard Taccetta who works at Cowboy Steak House

Now obviously, we can't serve this fine specimen, we may just keep Genie as we call her, as a Mascot for the Steakhouse. 

The post was widely shared and soon picked up news coverage as people saw the resemblance - even featuring on the KISS band Facebook page.

What do you think?

The holstein calf was born 28 July and will now become a mascot for the steakhouse.

Watch the full video, below:

HT Daily Mail

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