This man secretly followed his wife's Pinterest for the best reason

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 03 August 2017 09:30

For three years a man has been following his wife's Pinterest account, and as a result nailing her birthday present every time.

Jordan, aged 29 from New Jersey, and his wife TyAnna, 25, have been married since March, but began dating more than three years before they tied the knot.

In that time, Jordan has been using TyAnna's public list of things she'd like to have.

For those unaware, Pinterest is a sort of online moodboard to which users 'pin' items and posts that they like.

According to BuzzFeed, the genius plot began when the pair went on their first Valentine's Day date.

Stumped for a gift idea for the special day, someone suggested Pinterest to Jordan.

In order to keep it a secret, he created a generic account with the anonymous username: 'Vdjeowhsbsk'. This allowed him to 'follow' TyAnna's profile undetected.

She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small or handmade ... So I like to get things right the first time,

Based on her Pinterest pins, Jordan says he has purchased TyAnna a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings.

The entire time TyAnna had no idea.

Jordan brought his great ruse to end on Saturday, responding to activist DeRay Mckesson's question on Twitter - Is Pinterest even still around? What do people even use it for?

The revelation has been retweeted over 87,000 times and liked by more than 318,000 accounts.

Revealing his scheme received plaudits from other users on Twitter.

Was this really a surprise? Isn't this just a modern version of listening to your partner discuss things they enjoy?

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