Google Translate tried to describe Friends characters in Japanese, with amazing consequences

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 30 November 2016 13:15
(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Technological advancements seek to bring the world closer together, and Google Translate is one of the tools that hopes to do just that.

While the sentiment is nice, the software is not nearly good enough to be used in any official capacity.

One Twitter user recently tried his luck and pressed 'translate' on the Japanese Friends TV show page.

Cthulu have mercy on our souls.

Here are character profiles of the six friends, condensed for your viewing pleasure:

Rachel Green

Selfish in a crybaby a young lady in the naive in your rich. At the age of 15, I kept have the horse is sick because the dead in, I had bought a boat instead. Gucci try to change jobs to, but the interview the day, restaurants unfortunately encounter with his boss in, is referred to as a traitor, it becomes the neck, lose Gucci, the work of both Ralph Lauren. When the Monica wedding is close has a loss and overnight relationship, she became pregnant as a result.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Monica Geller

Best friend from Rachel Lincoln high school. Jews. Together from a young age is the older brother of Ross dance and sport it looks good relationship, such as the, but there is also one side of guts had been hated and not repugnant to. Had a pretty fat body type. I like competition and gambling, wannabe anything to most, or break or throw things and lose. I hate dressed animal. Massage is poor.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Phoebe Buffay

In masseur, Monica former roommate. Monozygotic of twins birth. Because it has basically the mystery of behaviour and quirky ideas, evolution and gravity or did not believe in, arrested or there is a history, inspiration or strong.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Ross Geller

Pampered from parents unlike Monica, it is carefully nurtured. Father like Judaism doers. Appearance is Afro hair really geeky with moustache on. Movement is allowed to attend the camp to gather the weak exercise hater from childhood.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Chandler Bing

Roommate in close friend of Joey who lives in the room across from Monica's apartment. Roommate of college best friends with Ross. 1968 April 8, was born [14] [15] . But Scotland-based, but Joey is I think the Chinese. It is often the first meeting of people (especially women) seems gay.

Relationship with a woman is basically weak, with a boring reason or reluctant to the companionship of a woman, after parting are or fallen into withdrawal state. It was on a dog allergy and lie in order to hide the dog haters.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

Joey Tribbiani

Since the student was just playing with the girls without the study, general knowledge is insufficient, may not be able to keep up with the conversation of the other five, action is also stain children. But I love Haguji of penguin stuffed. Women are countless that both the bed and Nampa. "Genki Kai" (How you doing?) Is, classic lines in Nampa.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab(Picture: YouTube/screengrab)

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