This Harry Potter bath bomb will tell you what house you are when it dissolves

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Saturday 24 December 2016 12:15
Picture:(left: brittany bibliophile/Instagram, right: Eternal Peace/Youtube)


Who doesn't love spurious merch?

At times it feels as though sun may never set on the Harry Potter empire.

Four theme parks, seven books, eight feature films, 6.6 million copies of Philosopher's Stone $75,000,000 takings for Fantastic Beasts' opening weekend.

And a four colour bath bomb.

A version of the sorting hat that dissolves in the water has been created by Rebecca Lynn.

If you enjoy Harry Potter and taking a bath, this is the perfect way to spend your evening.

Hopefully without Myrtle.

Based on a video posted on Instagram by brittany_bibliophile it seems this is how to use the bath bomb:

The bath bomb is dropped into your hot potion of boiler heated H20 (plus your dead skin flakes and stray body hair).

For best results do it in a massive cauldron like the one Wormtail pulled that Voldemort baby out of.

Or, for lesser fans, a bath.

The sphere dissolves into one of the colours of the four Hogwarts Houses.

  • Ravenclaw - Blue.
  • Gryffindor - Red (exactly the colour you want in a bath).
  • Hufflepuff - Yellow.
  • Slytherin - A beautiful Starburst green.

This video shows the bath bombs in action. It's a tense few minutes.

To take things seriously for a moment, while this is a really cool creation, and actually looks quite pretty

The sorting hat is all about choice. People choose their own destinies.

Even Harry's "fate" and the "prophecy" is determined by his own decisions, and those of Voldemort.

Real fans know this, and a bath bomb is far too arbitrary.

Everyone knows bath bombs don't have ears for listening.

So unless you actually are magic, shouting "Not Slytherin!" at a tub full of green bubbles isn't going to achieve much.

Sadly the bath bomb is currently sold out, but Lynn promises more in January.

She's also made other fan inspired bath bombs:

The real magic at work here is fan creativity.

HT Hellogiggles

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