People think they spotted a Dementor in the sky over Zambia

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 05 March 2017 13:45

This would make us run for cover.

Yes, we’re talking about one of J K Rowling’s more terrifying creations (up there with giant snake that terrifies you to paralysis and man-baby reborn in a cauldron featuring blood and a severed hand).

The Dementor.

Picture: Warner Bros (Warner Bros)

People think one may have been spotted in Zambia’s second largest city, Kitwe.

The image has been circulating online and a supposed eye witness admitted that the 100 metre humanoid figure had been seen in the sky for “close to 30 minutes”.

Some people prayed. Others fled.

Wouldn't you?

We can't exactly Expecto Patronum our way out...

Disclaimer: The photograph may be a picture a fictional demon-thing.

It could also be a cloud formation.

Or a photoshop.

If if you believe in them, maybe it's a chemtrail.

Four our part, indy100 contacted the Met Office.

To make sure.

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