Has the Ryder Cup result been predicted by a psychic tiger?

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 25 September 2014 17:20

TL;DR version: No. Well, we won't really know until Sunday. But, still, no.

Just when you thought there was a gap in the market for the PR stunt slash novelty-animal-predicting-sporting-results slot at the Ryder Cup, Woods the tiger has gobbled it up with aplomb.

'Woods' (whose real name is actually Marty) has boldly predicted (and when we say predicted, we mean eaten whichever piece of raw meat first caught his fancy) a 15-13 victory for Team Europe.

The red 'tees' are USA and the blue ones are Europe

Or as Dunlop, the clever beasts behind this stunt put it in their 1,015 word press release, Europe are going to win "by a whisker". Get it? Tiger. Whisker. Oh you guys...

Thankfully, the experience was wholly enriching for the male Siberian tiger, according to the Highland Wildlife Park he now calls home.

The tiger happened to go to more blue tees than red ones. Go Europe!

"Our well-known adult male tiger Marty was temporarily nicknamed ‘Woods’ and he and our keeper’s all enjoyed making the Ryder Cup predictions," explained Daska Macintosh, the park's head of operations.

"We were particularly pleased to receive a generous donation from Dunlop towards the conservation work of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland," she added.

European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley is yet to respond to this promising news

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