Here are the worst baby names in existence

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 13 April 2015 18:00

A judge in France recently hit the headlines after he stopped a couple from naming their newborn daughter Nutella.

Despite that ban, several questionable names do make it through the net - as a recent Reddit thread which asked people to reply with the worst they had ever seen shows.

Here were some of the best responses...


"According to her, her mother liked Hazel but her dad was a biker and loved hells angels, so they came up with this mess."

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"The parents were hippies, but still wanted to include the mother's grandmother's name."

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"I work at a bank in North Florida and have been keeping a list of names I come across. My favorite so far is definitely "I'munique." It was on her ID and everything."

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"Mom liked the name Paisley, but it was too "normal" I guess so she went with that disaster."

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"Some years ago, I ran in to an ex boyfriend at the gas station with his new girlfriend, her little boy in the back seat. His name was Rage."

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"I know a little girl named Abstinence. I predict she will be pregnant by 16"

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Britney Shakira Beyonce

"And they would call her by the full name every time."

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"Yes, like the cosmetics company. This was a boy."

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"My former step sister named her kid "Mazen" because it was 'mazen when he was born."

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Gennah Tyles

"There is a girl in my school named Gennah Tyles. With a G. It's like her parents wanted to name her genitals."

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Romulus and Remus

"At my high school there were twins; Romulus and Remus. They were not of Italian extraction."

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"I don't know what the Bonanna family were thinking, but I swear this is true."

Via: xelabagus

Gabriel and Grabiel

"Two 11 year-old twins named Gabriel and Grabiel. I cannot make this up."

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Brixx and Ryot

"I'm a teacher at an early education center. My favorites are Rex and the brothers Brixx and Ryot."

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