This photographer has captured how people look after one, two and three glasses of wine

Louis Dor
Friday 08 April 2016 17:00
Picture: Marcos Alberti

Do you know what you look like a few glasses of wine down?

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti probably has an inkling.

His project “Three Glasses After” started as an after-work party - a joke of sorts.

He took the first picture as the guests arrived at the studio, to capture the fatigue of a working day.

Then he began taking photos of the guests after they had drunk one, two and three glasses of wine respectively, to create a montage.

Marcos says he began the project to test a common saying about wine which goes something like:

The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem.

Marcos told indy100 how the photos became a series:

I invited some friends to join a project with wine, some of them didn't know what it was till they came to the studio.

I made it all in six gatherings.

The idea came because I wanted to show the lighter side of drinking.

I only saw bad things about alcohol, so I wanted to show that, in a good and happy environment, with friends and with moderation, alcohol can be a good thing.

It brings people together.

There's absolutely no doubt that the photo series shows how people become more flamboyant after a glass or three, but what is particularly touching is how people appear to laugh more.

Marcos told indy100:

I think that the wine reveals their personality, but I also think the environment contributes a large part of it.

The series has received a lot of attention in recent days, which has led to interest in exhibiting the series:

A lot of people came to me since yesterday with ideas for an exhibition, I don't know what I'll do yet!

I'm thinking of new ways to continue this project, but it's a secret for the moment!

Marcos said his favourite photos from the series were the below images:

I love the way they've reacted to the wine - the last one is a very shy guy. Very shy.

For the record, Marcos' favourite wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon, and you can follow his exploits on Facebook and Instagram, or view the whole project on his website.

All images courtesy of Marcos Alberti.

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