Hundreds of thousands of people have been duped by this puzzle

Thursday 26 May 2016 15:20

It's another one of those amazing puzzles that the internet simply cannot get over.

Let's see if you're any different.

A new puzzle has redefined viral for the 45,353,128th time on Facebook, having been shared by over 300,000 people who have taken on its challenge.

It's so simple it hurts, yet still we're writing about it.

Scroll down for the answer.

It's an easy mistake.

Many spent a long time looking at the numbers, commenting answers such as:

It' s 4 and 5. 3+6=9 and 2+5=7 not 8 and 1+4=5 not 7.

You're down the rabbit hole, friend.

Meanwhile, others thought they were looking for a 'mitsake', some kind of clothing or type of food.

How easily did you find the answer?

To be honest, to us it's just an excellent reason to delete Facebook.

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