Images from around the world capture the hardships of being homeless

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 11 October 2016 13:30
(Picture: Jesus Thaddeus de Guzman)

According to the UN, there are some 100 million homeless people around the world.

However, the last time the UN attempted to a global survey was in 2005, and since then, a world-wide refugee crisis will have pushed that figure much higher.

Photocrowd ran a competition for World Homelessness Day in an effort to raise awareness about the issue.

After hundreds of entries, here are the highest ranked photos:

1. Manila, Philippines


Picture: Jesus Thaddeus de Guzman/ Jesus Thaddeus de Guzman/

2. Harar, Eastern Ethiopia

‘On the street’

Picture: Trevor Cole / Trevor Cole /

3. Lisbon, Portugal

‘The beggar’

Picture: Carlos Andre Viana / Carlos Andre Viana /

4. Paris, France

‘The bird friend’

Picture: Gilbert Claes / Gilbert Claes /

5. Kingston upon Hull, England

‘Gentleman of the road’

Picture: Philip Joyce / Philip Joyce /

6. New York, US

‘New York Contrast’

Picture: Philip King / Philip King /

7. Bristol, England

‘Bristol Waste’

Picture: Sophie Merlo / Sophie Merlo /

8. Prague, Czech Republic

‘Night in Prague’

Picture: Harald Sejersted / Harald Sejersted /

9. Haridwar, India

‘Desperate Future’

Picture: Menmo Lammerts van Bueren / Menmo Lammerts van Bueren /

10. Prague, Czech Republic

‘Waste Life’

Picture: Nina Flynn / Nina Flynn /

11. Baguio City, Philippines


Picture: Arman Barbuco / Arman Barbuco /

12. Udaipur, India

'Homeless dogs'

Picture: Hana Peskova / Hana Peskova /

13. Kolkata, India

'Fight for survival'

Picture: Abhijt Chatterjee / Abhijt Chatterjee /

14. Varanasi, India

'Worlds apart'

Picture: Udayan Sankar Pal / Udayan Sankar Pal /

15. Tokyo, Japan


Picture: Masayuki Yamashita / Masayuki Yamashita /

16. Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Picture: rovitavare / rovitavare /

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