Irish comedian imagines conversation between nations about who won WWII and it’s hilarious

Ellie Abraham@ellieabraham
Monday 22 March 2021 11:47

History wasn’t everyone’s favourite subject in school, but an Irish comedian’s video that imagines the conversations between countries involved in the Second World War is being praised as not only hilarious but educational.

In a video posted on Twitter, that Tadhg Hickey captioned “WWII in Europe, but it’s a fight-after-school in Cork”, the comedian can be seen wearing different outfits as he embodies the persona of the nations involved in World War II, including Britain, France, the USA, Canada, Poland and the USSR.

The individual nations then engage in a hilarious verbal back and forth arguing about who played the biggest role in the outcome of winning the war.

The clip starts with France bragging to Britain, saying: “Hey guys, I reckon I played a big part in us winning that fight. Ok, dodgy start but I hung in there.”

Britain then chimes in, responding: “You joking me? You were on your arse before we even started. There’s not a mark on you. I won that fight. Me, alone.”

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Poland, Canada and the US also chime in before the USSR, with no fuss, punches the Nazis and asks for a plaster.

People on Twitter praised the comedy skit as “school syllabus worthy”.

Others loved the subtle comedic moments he brought to the USSR

If the school’s close again maybe the government should look into airing history lessons with Tadhg Hickey.

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