Jamie Oliver asked people for their favourite go-to breakfast and it went as well as you'd expect

Mimi Launder
Saturday 02 June 2018 09:15
Picture:(Getty Images / Scott Barbour / Stringer; iStock / lenscap67)

Jamie Oliver got himself into hot water when he asked Twitter its go-to breakfast.

What started out as light-hearted chit-chat over how people like their eggs was soon consumed by people channelling anger over the foods the celebrity chef has taken away in the name of healthy eating.

It started out well enough with people queueing up to painstakingly describe exactly how they like their sausages, eggs and bacon.

But the tone quickly darkened. Come on, Jamie. Surely you saw this coming.

People still haven't got over that time he campaigned to ban Turkey Twizzlers...

Nor when he wanted to remove Tony the Tiger from Frosties, a pair that should never be separated.

And did he really think we'd forget when he tried to scrap two-for-one pizza deals?

People aren't falling for it this time.

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