This deep fake video of Alison Brie with Jim Carrey's face is genuinely terrifying

Greg Evans
Thursday 29 August 2019 07:45

Of all the current online trends and technology fads, Deepfakes, a convincing video manipulation tool has to be the most disturbing by far.

Last year the technology which allows users to digitally impose someone's face onto another person began to appear online with many people using it for nefarious reasons, such as placing the heads of famous women on to the bodies of pornstars.

The pornographic use of the technology was quickly banned by social media sites and even PornHub but its use for more comedic and dare we say, surreal purposes continue to pop up.

Recently with seen videos that have spliced Donald Trump and Mr. Bean together as well as Bill Hader and Tom Cruise but an even more disturbing clip has recently popped up online, featuring Jim Carrey's face on the body of Alison Brie.

Earlier this month, the YouTube channel 'Facial Deception' uploaded a video of the GLOW actress talking about her hit Netflix show but with Carrey's face on her head instead of her face. The result is disturbing to say the least.

The clip has since made its way on to Twitter and it has elicited a range of emotions.

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