Jimmy Kimmel asked people if they cared about the 'extinction of homo sapiens' and their answers were shocking

Greg Evans
Thursday 09 May 2019 15:30

There are a lot of things wrong with the world at the moment - Brexit, Trump, climate change but at least the human race isn't extinct...yet.

Despite the recent protests in London from Extinction Rebellion and a recent report published by the United Nations which warned that the killing of animals and plant life is now likely to threaten humanity itself, we still seem to be wandering around with our heads in the clouds.

Should we really be surprised, though? The answer is 'no' if this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live is anything to go by.

Kimmel's crew took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask the public if they thought 'homo sapiens' aka humans are 'worth saving?' The answers were a thoroughly depressing indictment of the US education system.

You can watch the entire segment in the video below.

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