Liam Gallagher sounds like the absolute worst person to be on a plane with

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 30 September 2017 12:00
Picture:( Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Liam Gallagher is a mystery of a man in many ways.

But the way he talks about how he spends time on planes is perhaps the most mysterious thing of all.

In an interview with The Week magazine, the rock star was asked how he coped with his jet-set life. Travelling from gig to gig all over the place must get fairly boring right?

Gallagher replied:

Don’t read. F*** reading.

I just sit there and stare out the window. Pure mind control, mate. I’m a zen c***, me. I don’t need to read a book to turn off. I don’t drink on a plane anymore either, ‘cause I just end up getting f***ing w***ered.

Have a kip. Might watch the odd little film for half an hour, then I’m bored of that. So I just stare out the window, man. I can entertain myself in there.  

I just sit there like that and say to the missus, ‘Are we there yet’” She’s like, ‘No, we’ve not taken off yet.’”

People's reactions were just as funny.

Never change Liam. Never change.

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