How a fake Tube sign became a symbol for London's response to terror

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Thursday 23 March 2017 12:30

The London Underground's message boards are sharing some much needed inspirational messages of support across the city today.

But some are fakes, like this one:

However, it was so good (or possibly convincing) that Tory MP Simon Hoare fell for it when he brought it up in the House of Commons this morning:

Would my right honourable friend agree with these words, written by a worker on the London Underground yesterday afternoon, penned on a public notice board shortly after the events. My judgement is that he or she speaks for the whole country irrespective of faith or creed.

Theresa May replied:

I think that is a wonderful tribute and in a very simple way has encapsulated everything everyone has said in the house today.

And, like any massively shared image on the internet, it's become a meme:

And here's the original, if you were curious what it said:

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