Man asks hotel to cover his room in Jeff Goldblum portraits. Hotel delivers

James Somper@jsoomper
Saturday 24 September 2016 10:45

Hotels pride themselves on being able to carry out any request with speed and discretion.

Seth Freedland’s was no exception.

After making a reservation at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica for a friend’s wedding, Freedland asked the hotel management whether or not they would be able to place framed photographs of the actor Jeff Goldblum throughout his room.

So they did...

Freedland, 33, said he made the request to entertain his girlfriend Amy - who has had a crush on the actor since she saw him in Independence Day: “Jeff Goldblum holds a special place in my girlfriend's heart. She's a big fan,” he told ABC News.

The management was unfazed by Freedland’s request. “We always try to meet any requests the guests have at the hotel,” David Cohen, the director of the hotel’s front office, told ABC. “When I saw the request come in, it was for a wedding guest for a big weekend – it wasn’t a gag, but an outlandish request. We just wanted to meet it because it was within our realm to do.”