Man called a 'murderer' after admitting he slices books in half to make them easier to read

Greg Evans
Tuesday 21 January 2020 15:00

Every day on Twitter, there is a villain and it should never be anyone's aim to be the bad guy that everyone enjoys dunking on.

There are many things that can get people riled up on Twitter but there is usually a divide between those that agree with the antagonist and those that don't.

However, one thing that you shouldn't mess with is books. Everyone loves books and there is no way that their hallowed pages should be tampered with.

Yet, we can all agree that some book are vast and possibly too big to be carried around and read on your morning commute.

The only solution to this is to just leave the book at home and read it in your spare time. That isn't what editor and author Alex Christofi does.

On Twitter, Christofi shared a picture (which may or may not be legit) of three very long books, including Infinite Jest that has a colossal 1104 pages, which he had inexplicably sliced in half to make them 'more portable.'

His idea didn't go down too well with his colleague who called him a 'book murderer' so he asked Twitter if anyone else has ever done this.

Unsurprisingly, people weren't too impressed with this literal "literature life hack."

People implored him to buy a Kindle so he didn't have to kill any more books.

He also shouldn't have done this to Infinite Jest as enjoyment of David Foster Wallace's book is dependent on on the endnotes at the back of the book.

Now we have parodies of the tweet doing the rounds of people slicing objects in half that couldn't possibly work if they were in two pieces.

Even the dictionary got involved to call the whole thing a 'travesty'.

Amazingly, there were a few people who didn't think that this was a completely terrible idea. I mean, at least he's reading a book which is a lot more than some people could say.

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