Man calls police because his cat won't let him inside house

Saturday 06 June 2015 18:00

All cat owners can relate to this one: You know how it is when you get home, and your cat won't let you back inside the house, so you call the police? Hang on a second...

Somehow a man from Connecticut in the US managed to be locked out of his own home in a four-hour standoff with his cat.

A recording of the 911 call obtained by ABC News goes thusly:


I have a problem in my home. I cannot go inside in my home. The problem is my cat was getting too aggressive. And she attacked and scratched me in my leg and bit me. So me and my wife would come outside and now we cannot go inside for like three or four hours.


So you want the police to come and remove the cat?


Yeah. I came to the door and it was screaming a noise and it was coming at me in attack mode.




ABC identified the caller as Mohammed Lokman, who called Stamford police in the early hours of Thursday morning. He eventually returned home after police advised him to stay away from the cat.

Calling 911 because of a cat is not unprecedented in the US. Last year a family of three did the same after being trapped in a room by their cat Lux.

This also led to one of the greatest video-grabs ever seen:

What a time to be alive.

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