Artist spends 3 days building giant Lego sculpture, child destroys it in seconds

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 02 June 2016 10:00
Picture: Zhao/Weibo

No one should ever come between a man and his giant Lego sculpture.

An artist from Wenzhou in China spent three days - that’s 72 entire hours - and approximately £10,000 to create the following awesome model of foxy Nick Wilde, a character from Disney's Zootopia:

See how happy he is? See the pride glistening in his eyes?

Picture: Zhao/Weibo

The artist was invited to exhibit his work in Ningbo Yinzhou Wanda Plaza.

The sculpture took approximately 10,000 Lego bricks to build

Picture: Zhao/Weibo

The eyes were especially difficult, and had to be redone several times...

Picture: Zhao/Weibo

And then, after one scant hour on display, one single little child destroyed it.

Picture: Zhao/Weibo

The child had been trying to take a picture, and leaned onto the sculpture too hard, causing it to smash into smithereens.

The artist declined compensation, though he was very upset that only one third could be salvaged.

People on Weibo, China's Twitter-style microblogging site, sympathised with his plight, and images of the smashed work of art were shared thousands of times.

Picture: Giphy

What a cruel world we live in.

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