This man managed to trick Google into thinking he was Time’s Person of the Year

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 06 December 2017 10:15
Picture:(Twitter / @McJesse)

You can give up chasing those awards, trophies or accolades. It's quicker to make Google think you're successful instead.

BuzzFeed journalist Jesse McLaren urged people to retweet an image of him as 'Time Person of the Year 2017'.

His aim? To get his mocked-up magazine cover as high up the Google search rankings as possible when you search for 'Time Person of the Year 2017'.

And he's done pretty well.

We can confirm that he has actually started appearing on Google.

Google does customise search results to a degree, so McLaren may be in a different place in the search listings for you.

McClaren revealed how he reached his glorious epiphany in a BuzzFeed article.

It all started when he made some fake Time magazine Person of the Year covers for AM TO DM.

Then he realised that one of his Photoshops came up when he googled 'Person of the Year 2017',

McClaren said this gave him the idea.

If I could get enough people to click on an image of me as 2017 Person of the Year, my fake cover would come up if you googled "Person of the Year 2017."

So I made my fake cover from a Halloween photo where I dressed as 280 characters.

If you want to help him on his journey to get further up the Google search rankings, retweet the image or Google 'Person of the Year 2017' and click on his cover.

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