Margaret Thatcher's pro-Europe jumper from 1975 is on sale again, because Brexit

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 20 June 2016 16:20

The wardrobe of former prime minster Margaret Thatcher has proven to have its own legacy, one which goes beyond the political world.

In 2011 one of her trademark handbags - the manifestation of her reputation for swatting away pesky opponents - sold for £25,000 at a charity auction.

Now a second item from her iconic wardrobe has proven to be almost as popular.

Website Common Market has started selling replicas of the famous "9 Flags" jumper worn by Thatcher when she was campaigning for an In vote in the last referendum on Europe in 1975.

In this slinky number you'll be the successor to the European Coal and Blue- Steel Community.

The knitwear homage to the Iron Lady is intended to appeal to both the Conservative right and the kitsch obsessed left.

Common Market have said the idea to sell the item (produced in EU factories) came from the 1975 referendum slogan "Support Your Local Continent".

Photo: Getty/P. Floyd

Thatcher isn't the only retro endorsement. Eric Cantona has also been Photoshoppped into the 9 Flags jumper on Instagram.


For the fashion shoot, Common Market took advantage of glamorous locations such as the pavement outside the various European embassies of Belgravia.

Photo: Outside the German Embassy/

Strategists on both sides of the referendum debate have failed to anticipate the jobs which the vote itself might create, regardless of the end result. Remainers would argue that the knock-down price from £60 to just £45 is one of the benefits of an EU free trading block.

Twitter has of course has been most pleased, but some Remainers were conflicted about adopting a style made famous by a Tory.

The identity of the trend setter? It might just be Jeremy Paxman. That denizen of style, the man who brought back silver fox beards, was spotted a few weeks ago sporting a very similar jumper to the 9 Flags classic:

Remainers are obviously keen to get one of these hot items before Thursday's vote, though that would defeat the point of a secret ballot.

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