Stanford study links higher marijuana use to having more sex

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Sunday 29 October 2017 13:30
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Some things in this world just go together - like Sandy and Danny Zuko, or cheese and chips, but there's a new contender out from left-field: marijuana and sex.

That's right, a new study conducted by researchers at Standford University indicate that increased usage of marijuana might actually boost sexual desire and performance, despite numerous concerns among physicians of the exact opposite.

The findings published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, are based on an analysis of more than 50,000 Americans ages 25-45

Senior author Michael Eisenberg, MD, noted:

Frequent marijuana use doesn't seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it's associated with increased coital frequency.

However, he was quick to clarify that:

The study does not establish a causal connection between marijuana use and sexual activity.

The study looked at people of both sexes of all races, ages, education levels, income groups, religions, and of every health status.

It's noted that this study is the first to examine the relationship between marijuana use and frequency of sexual intercourse in the United States, something seldom explored.

There are reports of erectile dysfunction in heavy users and more intensive studies have found reduced sperm counts in men who smoke it.

On the other hand, experiments conducted in animals and humans indicate marijuana stimulates brain regions linked to sexual arousal.

To arrive at an accurate determination a survey was conducted which provides data pertaining to family structures, sexual practices and childbearing, reflecting the overall demographic features of the U.S. population, and this was carried out on an annual basis.

It asks how many times respondents had intercourse with the opposite sex in the past four weeks and how frequently they've smoked weed over the past year.

In all, Eisenberg and Sun obtained data on 28,176 women averaging 29.9 years of age and 22,943 men whose average age was 29.5.

Looking at the data, there was a positive association between frequency of marijuana use and sexual intercourse.

Women denying marijuana use in the past year had sex on average 6.0 times during the previous four weeks, whereas that number was 7.1 for daily pot users.

In pure and simple terms, Eisenberg noted:

Pot users had about 20 percent more sex than pot abstainers

In addition, coital frequency rose steadily with increasing marijuana use, a dose-dependent relationship supporting a possible active role for marijuana in fostering sexual activity.

However, in the conclusion Eisenberg reiterated that no 'causal' link had been established:

It doesn't say if you smoke more marijuana, you'll have more sex

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