Remember Manchester terror victim Martyn Hett and the amazing thing he did for his mum at Christmas

Today, Martyn Hett's friend sadly confirmed that he had died in the Manchester Arena bombing.

Russell Hayward called Martyn, who had been missing since Monday night, 'iconic and beautiful'.

This was just as true last year, when an act of incredible kindness from Martyn was reported on around the world.

After his mother failed to sell many items at a charity craft fair, Matyn rallied the internet and quickly made her store a viral hit.

indy100 are re-sharing this story today to remember Martyn.

The dreams of a mother on the brink of giving up knitting, after she only sold two items all day at a craft fair, were kept alive thanks to her son - and the help of the internet community.

Martyn Hett texted his mum, Figen, to see how she was, and her reply was heartbreaking:

Not long after he tweeted, a friend bought one of his mum’s glove monsters:

Then her sales trebled:

And trebled again:

And her customers were very satisfied:

Soon, her online store was reaching new levels of popularity:

Requests have been coming from across the world:

And it's becoming difficult to keep up:

Martyn told indy100 his mum found the attention a little overwhelming, but has used it for good:

She's donating money to a local counselling charity, Beacon Counselling, and she's also had lots of messages from people who want specific hearts making in honour of relatives who are no longer with them etc. so it's been quite heartwarming for her to be able help people. 

I had no idea it would blow up like it did, but I'm happy it did. My mum is such a character and I like that the world seem to have as much affection for her as I do now!

But Figen also has another project on-the-go now:

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