Masturbation month: everything you did and did not need to know in 11 maps and charts

Thursday 19 May 2016 15:00
Picture: chameleonseye/iStock

May is international masturbation month. The month of the year where people are encouraged to ignore the taboo and give themselves some alone time.

So before you settle down to do the deed, we've crunched some numbers on the pastime - take a look below:

1. First off, it's a given that the majority of people masturbate


2. And most of us do it around once a week


3. But only the majority of women use a vibrator


4. A few of us think of famous people when we do it


5. And this is where men are most likely to be circumcised around the world

Picture: Wikimedia Commons
Picture: Wikimedia Commons

7. And the majority of us watch it regularly


8. Your age group changes your likelihood of watching porn...

9. well as the device you're likely to use

10. No matter your habits though, they're probably not akin to this 19 year old guy on reddit, who tracked the frequency and duration of his sessions for a year...

That's our lowdown, now go enjoy yourself in the knowledge that you're (figuratively) not alone.

Heck, after all, it's good for you.

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