Meet the model who's contacting the girlfriends of guys who send gross pics online

Ellen Stewart
Saturday 30 January 2016 14:00

This is Emily Sears.

She's an Australian model living in LA.

She has a pretty dedicated Instagram following, with each of her pictures reining in thousands and thousands of likes.

While she regularly interacts with her fans, she's fed up with the seemingly endless reel of dick pics that land in her inbox from often faceless men.

In fact, when an unwanted penis finds its way into her DMs, Emily takes matters into her own hands, getting in touch with the wives or girlfriends of the dick pic senders letting them know just what bae is up to on the internet.

She told Buzzfeed News:

I usually receive at least one or two dick pics per day, at minimum.

It’s just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online...

This isn’t just happening to models with a big followings. It’s happening when women are online dating and denying matches with men.

It can happen to any woman online, just like it can happen to any woman walking down the street.

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