Men are completely baffled by this hair meme - so women are telling them why it's so great

Mimi Launder
Saturday 09 September 2017 08:45
Picture:(Twitter/ @payt_xoxo)

A hilarious meme was posted on Twitter - but only half the population understood it.

Cosmetologist student Payton Hicks tweeted two photos of curled hair with the caption "you vs. the girl he cheats with".

A simple enough joke, surely.

Apparently not.

Guys sweated over the meme like it was some kind of 'women-only code'.

Or as complex as algebra.

There were elaborate theories, probably from the kind of people who take a week to notice a new haircut.

Because of course spaghetti is the dream look.

Finally, mansplainers had to step aside for three minutes, as women solved the meme mystery.

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