Morrison's social media manager deserves an award after this doughnut incident

Louis Dor
Tuesday 10 January 2017 13:00
Picture:(David Silverman/Getty Images)

Twitter has provided the world with the ultimate customer service outlet.

Public accountability and open public communication channels have meant that brands have been forced to cater to your every need.

Some needs are a little unreasonable however.

Exhibit A:

Enter our hero, Cam, stage left:

Then the exchange got rather strange, and we don't really want to ask further questions.

Other than: "Is Cam getting a raise?".

Praise and protect Cam, for he is truly doing God's work.

Public service announcement to all PR's and customer service: This was a master class in how you handle joke tweets - innocuous, playing along, deadpan.

Public service announcement to Silverfox, onion rings are a bad idea, mate.

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