This mum has an ingenious solution to her child drawing on the wall

Mimi Launder
Thursday 16 November 2017 16:00
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It's the classic 'oh god why did I have children moment'.

When you discover your beloved offspring has decided to get creative with a pen on the wall.

Beautiful sheets of drawing paper lie beside them, untouched and ignored. They smile innocently at you. Your blood boils.

Thankfully, this mum has an inventive solution.

When her six-year-old son fell for the lure of a permanent marker on a beautiful blank wall, she did her best with what she had.

Her husband shared her quick fix on Twitter:

The description next to the frame reads:

Interrupted House, 2017

Marker on latex paint

Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov 13th. 

Now we can all celebrate this deceptively simple abstract piece by an artist so young.

Parents everywhere were inspired.

And some shared their own horror stories.

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