Fast food workers reveal what you should never order

Louis Dor
Tuesday 12 December 2017 09:15
Picture:(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

There's no such thing as healthy fast food, we've just got to accept it.

Unless you're ordering the salad, the chances are the meal from your local grill or deep fry joint will be clogging up your arteries.

We have an inkling of what the most disgusting items on the menu are, but as customers, we rarely see the sausage being made.

It's the kitchen workers who know what goes on behind closed doors, and they've been speaking on Reddit recently about what we should allegedly never order from their fine establishments.

Here's a selection of a few of the best responses:

1. Never the shrimp. (Especially from an Ice Cream place).

2. Grilled teriyaki chicken.

3. Mexican from an Italian.

4. 1...2...3...4...

5. Unhealthy.

6. Big and toasted.

7. Your Frappucinos aren't coffee, face it.

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